An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

Welcome to Nisha Abacus

The Nisha Abacus was established in 15th November 2018 in solapur.Registered under companies act having ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Our moto is "Making Your Chlid Confident". We are conducting 3 types of Cources. 1.Abacus 2.Vaidik Maths 3.Handwriting. We have 9 Frachisees in Maharastra.

What is Abacus ?
The word abacus is derived from the Latin word abax, which means a flat surface, board or tablet. As such, an abacus is a calculating table or tablet. An Abacus is one of the first counting device invented. It is a Wooden/Plastic tool with beads used to inculate place value concept in children since childhood . Read More ...

Our Benefits
  • It is Simple to use and helps kids visualize the math and developes mental calculations.
  • Its FUN way to do calculation so easy to remember and stress-free.
  • Its removing maths phobia , help in self confidence and improve their overall ability .
  • Can solve problem just as fast than a modern electric computers