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NISHA ABACUS is professionally manged company providing abacus franchise sinces the year 2017. These course upgrade whole brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain alone with improvement in skills, which leads to greather confidence in students to succeed in school syllabus and also in there whole life.
        The company has organizing National / State level abacus competition in every six months. We are delighted to offer every one exclusive Abacus Franchise, as well as Franchise training and Abacus Training for every course offered by the company to dedicated teachers / individual /institution with very little investment. The company believe in encouraging students and supporting each franchise by providing continuous training support till he /she becomes independent in terms of all the business regard. Each franchise course instructor students and parents are considered as a property of the company.

CHINESE ABACUSES One of the most popular kinds of abacuses is the Chinese abacus Rules on how to use the Chinese Abacus have dated all the way back to the 13th century.

On a Chinese abacus, the rod or column to the far right is in the ones place. The one to the left of that is in the tens place, then the hundreds, etc. So, the columns are different place values and the beads are used to represent different numbers within those place values. For addition, beads on the abacus are moved up towards the beam in the middle. For subtraction, they are moved down towards the bottom or outer edge of the abacus. The rules of use are a bit more EASY and FASTER .

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NISHA ABACUS ACADEMY is fully committed and passionate about providing the best "Abacus Training" experience for the kids. If you have a passion for education with high levels of motivation "Abacus Franchise" of NISHA ABACUS is the most rewarding investment opportunity you have ever considered.

Quality study material provided to student & franchisee.
Certification after every level for student.
Strong support to franchisee.
Strong markting support and business development training for franchisee.
Other cources are also available for franchisee.